smart Charger

The charger
for e-Bike & e-Scooter

powerful • compact • lightweight • universal

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Your perfect travel companion

At a glance.

compact & light

The LiON smart charger is about four times smaller and three times lighter than any standard charger with 4 amps [A].

perfect for traveling

Thanks to its rounded and compact shape, the LiON finds its place even in the smallest pocket. No second batteryis required anymore.

gentle and quiet

The cool design of the LiON does not need any fan – so you can enjoy silent nights even in the hotel.


The LiON can charge many eBike battery systems with the corresponding cable set.
Ansmann; BMZ; Bosch; Brose;
Specialized; and many more ...
Brands for reference only!

3 become 1

Only one charger is required for the whole family. The quick charge function ensures that only one charger is needed when you are
out and about.

in time & optimal

Whether manual or pre-defined profile, your battery is charged as gently or quickly as you need it. And a timer tells you when the battery is ready for use again.

Smart app with a big impact.

512x512 AS.png

Get your free download

The beta version of the LiON smart Charger
app is available now on both Apple App Store
and Google Play Store.

This is the most comfortable way to charge your Bike!

Environmental friendly

engergy saving

94% efficiency by digital design outclasses all former chargers on the market.

less is more

Minimal material expenditure
protects the resources of our planet.

extends life

A particularly gentle charging
process extends the battery life

We believe.

that a longer battery life preserves the resources on our earth.

We also believe that it is often not necessary to take a second battery with you if the battery can be recharged quickly and easily. This saves money and the environment - because it reduces the need for lithium.

We are sure that using a smart, fast and compact charger is "greener" for our planet than buying more batteries.


"It's much lighter and smaller - perfect for travelling! "

LiON - the ideal travel charger.

A fast charger does not have to be large and heavy, it can be compact and light.

Our LiON is a small and smart charger - perfect for on the go.

So, you don't have to carry bricks and waste precious space in your bag to charge your bike quickly and intelligently.

"Great, I'll need less storage space! "

We offer a high-quality and universal charger for e-bikes and scooters to match your products. The appropriate cable sets from the various manufacturers are also available

You benefits: lower service requirements - the LiON is extremely simple to operate and and of course you need less storage space in your shop.


ONgineer is a service provider for the development and production of electronic components with a strong focus on power electronics.

We have decades of experience in concept and product develop-ment, validation, industrialization and testing. As well in project management and production control.


With LiON, we are launching our first MicroMobility product!

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