Patented design turns a boring cable connection into real added value.

Put an end to umpteen different chargers in

a household, the LiON can charge most eBike battery systems with the appropriate cable set.

The app manages up to 10 different battery

profiles, from e-bikes to e-scooters, and

charges them optimally, so only one charger is needed for the whole family - that's practical and space-saving.

The pre-configured quick charge function

ensures that only one charger is needed, even on the road.

Admittedly, the shape of the plug and socket seems unusual, but this connection has the great technical advantage of many "pins", which are required for the coding of the information (the type of battery and the cable connected to the LiON). So only one  version of the LiON is needed to charge a variety of different batteries!

Attention: the plug looks like an old "printer cable" but it isn't! This is important because you cannot extend the LiON cable! The LiON cable are designed for a much higher current.

Why a printer port ?!