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How could I know whether the LiON works for my battery/vehicle?


You can firstly check from the compatibility list to find your vehicle, then the LiON app would auto-fill the info. for you. Otherwise, please check if your vehicle is with 36V batteries at mains input 220-240V, as our first model only works for 36V (max. charging voltage at 42V) batteries. Then select a plug available on the list that fits your vehicle's connector socket. And the LiON would become the charging companion of your beloved vehicle.

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Can you check if the LiON works for my battery/vehicle? If yes, what information do you need?


You can firstly check on the compatibility list. If you can't find your vehicle and would like us to check for you, please take three photos of the followings and forward to us by email at Original charger label, vehicle battery label (or battery specification shown in vehicle user manual), and original charger plug to the vehicle. We would verify and confirm based on information given whether the LiON works for your vehicle. We might also contact you for further information.

My vehicle is with 36V battery but not listed in the configuration table, what should I do?


You can manually input/select the necessary parameters into the LiON app to configure the LiON. Parameters include battery voltage (This model of LiON only supports 36V), battery capacity (in Ah or Wh) and maximum allowable charging current (please refer to the battery label or specification shown in vehicle user manual). The LiON would then operate according to the information given.

Can I use the LiON if the connector plug type of my vehicle is not on the list?


We provide various connector plugs for you to choose from. However, we understand that not all models of vehicles use the most common connector plugs available; and if not, the LiON might not be useful to you at this stage. However, we continue to add cables with different connector plug to welcome more vehicles to join us. And for some special plugs, you could choose the XLR-4 plug from us and then purchase an adaptor from the market. Contact us at if you need any assistance.

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