LiON Smart Charger 36 V

How it works.


Not a copycat, a real original!

The LiON is the only charger for e-bikes
and e-scooters where the user himself
can determine how its battery should be charged.




The smartest way
to charge your battery!

Only a few steps separate you from the
perfect charging result!
  1. Download the LiON app and check whether your battery can also be charged with the LiON.
    Follow Leo’s instructions there to find your battery and set up the app!

  2. Obtain the right charging cable for your battery from your dealer or our watt24 shop.

  3. When you have received your LiON with a suitable cable, off you go!

    1. Connect the power plug

    2. Guide the mobile device slowly and with a little distance over the NFC antenna of the LiON

    3. Keep the phone steady, don't "swipe or iron"

    4. The transfer starts

    5. Hold the phone still until the transfer is finished (2-3 seconds) and the green tick appears

    6. Connect the charger with the appropriate charging cable and your battery ... and it charges

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Quick, safe and easy
data transfer with NFC