Do I have to create any profile before I could charge the battery?


Yes, it is compulsory to create the battery profile so that the LiON is able to record battery statistics properly, which is a very useful tool to monitor the status of the batteries. Don't worry, creation of the battery profile would only take a few steps. Just do it!

How can I retrieve the charging logs from the LiON to the LiON app?


After each and every charging, the LiON would store the charging log which recorded key statistics of the process. This charging log would be stored in the charger, and automatically uploaded to the LiON app with the corresponding profile during the next NFC communication.

I have two vehicles with different connector plugs. How can I use the same LiON to charge both of them?


You could add an extra output cable from us with different connector plugs to suit for two vehicles.

How can I keep the charging statistics report?


There is a button on the charging statistics report page, for users to easily screen capture the charging statistics report and store in the photo album of mobile devices.

What is the whole procedures to charge from after receiving the LiON?


The owner of the LiON should follow the procedures as below:

  • Download the LiON app from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Create/Configure the battery profile on the LiON APP.

  • Select the desired charging current and maximum charging percentage in the LiON app.

  • Place the mobile device on top of the LiON for NFC communication.

  • Plug the LiON to the vehicle.

  • Charging starts.

Would charging be automatically started every time when plugged? Or it would only start after the LiON app commanded?


Charging would automatically start every time when plugged to the vehicle, according to the last setting. The LiON is unable to identify which vehicle/battery it has been plugged to, due to the limitation on batteries. Therefore, in order not to charge the vehicle/battery with wrong parameters or mix up the charging log of different vehicles, it is strongly recommended that users should communicate with the LiON before plugging in to start charging.

What would happen if charging was interrupted?


If charging was interrupted, for example in case of changing the mains plug from one to another or new command received to amend charging parameters, the LiON would consider this as a new charging event after the interruption. Two separate charging logs would be created under such circumstances.

What charging parameters should I use for my battery?


It depends on two factors to decide the charging parameters:
1. The time you have before using the vehicle.
2. The expected mileage before your next possible charging.

Not charging the battery unnecessarily to full, and taking lower charging current if time allowed are two of the good ways to protect your battery and extend its life span.

What would be shown on the charging statistics report?


Statistics such as accumulated energy charged, last full charge record, battery health status as well as the previous charging logs would be shown on the charging statistics report.

Thanks for your help!