LiON Smart Charger 36 V
The fast travel charger for e-bikes and scooters



4 amps power and the size of a chocolate block.

The LiON - finally a charger
that fits comfortably in every pocket,
so you can charge quickly on the go!

Perfect for on the go

Thanks to its rounded and compact shape, the LiON finds a place even in the smallest pocket, leaving more space for important things.

Compact & light

The LiON smart charger is about four times smaller and three times lighter than any standard charger with 4 amps [A].

Gentle & quiet

The cool design of the LiON don't need any fan – so you can enjoy
silent nights even in the hotel.


Technical data


Dimensions & weight



One charger for many bikes & scooters

Stay flexible - not only when traveling!
The LiON offers the possibility to use only one charger for different bikes.
Only the cables need to be exchanged.

Patented design turns a boring cable connection into real added value.

Put an end to umpteen different chargers in a household, the LiON can charge most eBike battery systems with the appropriate cable set.
The app manages up to 10 different battery profiles, from e-bikes to e-scooters, and charges them optimally, so only one charger is needed for the whole family - that's practical and space-saving.
The pre-configured quick charge function ensures that only one charger is needed, even when on the road.


Predefined charging scenes offer the
freedom to charge the battery gently.
This considerably extends the life of
the expensive batteries considerably!

Looking for an environmentally friendly product?

Better for the environment
With an efficiency of 94 %, you really save energy.

Less is more
Minimal material expenditure protects the resources of our planet.

Extends life
A particularly gentle charging process extends the battery life considerably.

You don't always have to give
100% and full throttle!

How does the LiON protect
the battery?

  • Due to the unique possibility of not simply "fully" charging the battery, the service life can be significantly increased.

  • A charging process doesn't always have to be fast; a slower charging process that is significantly gentler on the battery is usually sufficient. The "gentle charge" mode is available for this purpose.

  • TIP: the slower a battery is charged, the slower the batteries age! The predefined "Mild and Battery Saver" mode is perfect for this.

  • The predefined "Storage Mode" mode charges the battery just enough to maintain a safe and gentle battery capacity. A deep discharge of the battery must be avoided at all costs, this is detrimental to service life AND safety!

  • The LiON thus supports the battery in part charging even on the road.