Can you prove that charging batteries at a lower current or to a lower level than full could extend the battery life spans?


Scientists have made intensive researches on how to better protect lithium-ion batteries. A publication from the Technical University of Munich in Germany (Title: Aging of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles) suggested some ways to maximise battery lives. "Avoiding Very High States of Charge (i.e. battery level)" and "Applying Reasonable Charging Currents" are two of the best practices advocated. For details, please refer to:

Can all batteries be charged at 4A?


Not all, although very much most, of the batteries could be charged at 4A. Please check on the user manual of your vehicle the highest charging current that your battery accepts, some battery management system limits the charging current.
The highest charging current of the original charger that came along with your vehicle does not necessarily be the highest charging current your battery could take. In general, batteries with 300Wh or 8Ah or above should have no problem to be charged at 4A.

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How long will it take to charge the battery?


It depends on three factors to decide the charging time. They include:
1. Battery level before charging,
2. Charging current, and
3. Desired percentage of battery level.

The LiON would make an estimation on the charging time and communicate with the LiON app after you sent the command. You can also make a reminder alert when the estimated time is up, if necessary.

What makes  the LiON a smart charger?


There are a few things that make the LiON become a smart charger. They include:

  1. 1. Adjustable/Selectable charging current and percentage level of battery as users desired,

  2. 2. Capability to communicate with users via NFC and mobile app,

  3. 3. Capability to record key statistics of every charging event, and

  4. 4. Capability to check the health status of the battery and alert users when battery is out of order.

Is the charging current of the original charger coming along with my vehicle stands for the highest charging current my battery could take?


No. In many cases we found that vehicle manufacturers might not provide a charger with the highest possible charging current. To many users, it might be what the LiON is for.

What charging parameters should I use for my battery?


It depends on two factors to decide the charging parameters:
1. The time you have before using the vehicle.
2. The expected mileage before your next possible charging.

Not charging the battery unnecessarily to full, and taking lower charging current if time allowed are two of the good ways to protect your battery and extend its life span.

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