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The app

This app makes charging

more comfortable

Our free LiON APP works on both iOS and Android platforms.
What does the app offer?


  • Optimal charging of your batteries for e-bikes and e-scooters 

  • Manage up to 10 different batteries, so you
    only need one charger for the whole family


  • Preconfigured charging scenarios for
    everyday use


  • The customization of your own charging scenarios, exactly tailored to your needs

  • Quick retrieval of charging statistics and
    battery health check

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How it works:

1. Download the LiON app and use it to check

whether the battery can also be charged

with the LiON.

2. Selecting the right charging cable for the


3. The app is set up with just a few clicks

(select the battery to be charged or enter

data manually)

4. Plug in the mains cable

5. Transfer data from the app to the charger

(via NFC, which is known from contactless


6. Connect the battery to the charger and the

appropriate cable... and it starts charging!


Predefined charging scenes offer the

freedom to charge the battery gently.

This considerably extends the life of 

the expensive batteries considerably!

Free & simple
Download from the App- or Playstore, create a profile + battery and start charging immediately. 

Without frills
Your profile is transferred by simply placing the mobile phone on the charger - without Bluetooth, without extra cable.